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As is ridiculously obvious by now: We fail at blogging. Badly.

It’s not necessarily that we don’t have anything to say: It’s a pretty good bet I’ve had more than a few random spoutings of WoW related matters in the last month and a half that would have made a half-arsed blog post. (Kae’s Murglesnout hat comes to mind…pretty much THE Guild/WoW event of the summer).

It’s. Well. We’re busy? Summer is the traditional doldrums of WoW as people go on vacations, go outside, and do other things. Unfortunately for me–summer time is work time. With the addition of Scout the Demon Beast™ to our family–time is at a premium. Trying to manage his upbringing without getting killed/killing him in a fit of rage because he gnawed the edge of an expensive pair of boots for funsies is more than a full-time job.

A quick aside for like minded dog-owners: Part of the reason we’re a bit fanatical about teaching Scout some manners is: He has none. He has pretty much zero social constraints, and will RUSH up to a new person, new dog, cat, mountain lion, rabid Cujo-like grizzly bear, and introduce himself. He pretty much bounces around, all four legs off the ground reciting his mantra of: “HI, HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI!” (This of course is the translation, for the uninitiated he’s merely barking).

Of course–this can be intimidating for other people and their pets–and since in the non-busy months–we live off the ranch and in Missoula where there are plenty of great off-leash areas to enjoy with your pet. Since our ten (soon to be 11) year old Labrador does not appreciate these types of dogs (we don’t either), we’re really, really, really working on Scout to get at least a semblance of control so others can enjoy these off-leash areas as well. (Sans Scout on top of their car, or heads).

End: Holier-Than-Thou-Dog-Ownership-Mini-Manifesto.

I am still holding out hope for a sort of a comeback tour–but sadly–I think Marv’s WoW days have come to an end. He has not yet released to me control of his WoW account, so that is where my shred of hope comes from. I think I’m fairly safe in letting the cat out of the bag here by now–since it’s common guild knowledge, but here goes: The Gnome fell in IRL love. Sappy, flower-giving, fawn-eyed, mushy, yucky love. So–he’s spending his gaming time with a real person that appears to love him too. Rumor has it there is a summer wedding planned. It was pretty much all I could do from booking tickets for Jardal and I to make an appearance. Unfortunately, my tailor couldn’t complete my worgen suit in time–although I am 99% sure Jardal has a boomkin suit in his closet for such formal events. Plus, I didn’t want to get arrested.

In Barklay Home Front news: We’re just about done haying. (WoW terms: Farming mats to feed our cows in the winter). My wife has arrived back from the first leg of her Master’s Thesis World Tour, and is here for 6 days to relax, re-pack, see her dogs and leave again for points known, and well known to our groaning credit cards.

With the end of haying, (which is absolutely weather dependent…if the weather is good at 2am, you are haying at 2am) I can actually look forward to the part of ranching I love beyond all else: taking care of the cattle. Checking water, mineral supplements, overall herd health. This involves a lot of time on the Scout of horses: Simon. (He’s not that bad–but oddly–my two pets share some diabolical habits that need a lot of work…the common denominator seems to be me–although I have yet to admit that to myself). So–being up in the saddle, and riding the pastures while we prepare for the next phase of Fall projects is a welcome, and needed break from the sleep-cycle crushing activity of haying.

Yes, lots of RL stuffs…low on WoW stuffs.

Hopefully–what the new, lighter schedule will mean is that there will be more WoW stuffs coming.



Now…back to the good stuff!

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I have to thank my buddy Varatas for pointing this one out. It came from our other pal Oogelthorpe. Gotta love those pink-haired gnomes with a sense for good comedy.

CERTAINLY not safe for work, or kids–and if you don’t like a few F-bombs, just skip this one–but Micheal Bolton is hilarious.

I really like Andy Samburg, and the Lonely Island crew–they do a good job and this stuff is just so over the top. I find myself launching into song MB style from time to time now. Fortunately, I’m just with the cows, dogs, or horses so the only damage done is to the animals.

They haven’t said much yet–so I take it as license to keep crooning.

Hope all of your WoW travels are going well–and that ya enjoyed.

Can it Be?!

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Oh man, Blizzard…just when I thought you had really ruined Ferals you go and do something like this…

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Set in My WoW Ways

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During my first foray into WoW, I played a dwarf hunter. It was the opening cinematic that probably did it for me. I wanted to be a “good” guy, so Alliance was an easy choice, and something about the dwarves’ mythology and backstory appealed to me. The big muscles, beards, and a lot of beer guzzling as an admirable quality definitely played well with me.

This was while I was playing on an old hog of a computer–it barely could even run WoW–so if I had even known about customizing my UI, DPS meters, or other add-ons it wouldn’t have worked. My video card was near implosion anyway.

Thus: My “damage” per second could be as easily tracked in minutes. I just liked the dwarf, and hunter. Pets were cool then, and you could get unique ones that were hard to catch based on camping by others, all the while fighting spawn timers. Totally unrelated note–but I wish they’d bring back a bit of the advantage of taming one of those pets other than a unique look. It was part of the class that made it fun.

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Promises, promises…

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Right. I hate ’em too.

Some random dood on the internet tells you there are more posts coming. Trust me. I’m that random dood–and believe it or not–when I’m standing in the freezing rain trying to find some lost calves–my thoughts drift to WoW.

Not that WoW always gives me a warming, fuzzy feeling–but at least it’s not standing in a pasture somewhere getting pelted by freezing drizzle hoping I can just find the calves and go home. Hrmm…I would imagine what I just described is like being nova’d by my favorite class.

I digress.

I’ve had some time to play around with my Feral Druid in arenas after the patch, and…well…I’m going to BEGRUDGINGLY give a nod to Blizzard for giving druids some utility back in being able to get out of roots. No–we have not healed the wounds of the GREAT DRUID NERF of OUGHT-ELEVEN–but it’s a starting point.

I promise, promise, promise some more of the usual SWBC type posts very soon. I do have a notebook next to my computer with all kinds of great post ideas–I just generally fall asleep before I can ever get to writing anything that doesn’t seem like I let DemonPup™ loose with 2 liters of Mountain Dew, a dictionary, and a keyboard.

In boring, over-played RL news: We’re down to the last 20 or so to calve.

Sweet, sweet freedom from checking pastures every couple hours is close at hand…

Hope this finds you all well and enjoying the comings of Spring! Allergies! Yay!



Ah, I love you Internets

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“How to kill a feral druid 4.0.6”

Yarp. That showed up in our “top searches” for the week.

More after the break.


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The Frost Mage Blues

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Rumor has it that Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street plays a lot of PvP, and happens to be a frost mage. Real or not–I’m choosing to believe it. It pretty much doesn’t matter what class I play, I can’t beat one. Any of them.

Which of course leads me to believe that there is a conspiracy theory directed at me, and my characters specifically.

WoW has of course, fluctuated with Overpowered PvP classes pretty much since the beginning. It seems every class has had it’s day in the sun–or the other side of that coin…been left in the PvP dark wondering how long it will take to reach level cap on another toon.

Anyone remember in BC when ret Paladins had a freaking field day for about a week? It was insane. It was basically like being dropped off at a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue photo shoot with a couple million dollars and a Guinness truck. (For Paladins. And paladins that like girls and beer…but whatever–you get the point).

So what is the deal with Frost Mages these days anyway? Am I just playing it wrong–or is the spamability of Ice Lance just a teensy-weensy bit OP?

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